Letter to the editor: Jon Kuhl

Collins vs. Gideon, the value of polls and Rank Choice Voting

Sun, 11/08/2020 - 7:45pm
This would be a great time to ask the Rank Choice Voting originators and supporters to:  "Tell us again the RCV advantages, and tell us, just how many people understand it"?   
Due to much misunderstanding, isn't RCV equal to voter disenfranchisement?  Because Senator Collins barely cleared the 50% rule we almost drug the state and country through the "knothole". 
And for what? 
Gideon was, contrary to all polls, easily defeated.  
RCV is a useless exasperating exercise, it should be "put out of our misery". 
And then there's the polls and their endless "talking head" disciples.  They are nothing less than public abuse.
Senator Collins sets the "Gold Standard" amongst public servants.  The country could use many more just like her.  Her handling of the Kavanaugh appointment was spot on in terms of civility, detail examination, ethics and especially communication (see her senate speech).  We here in Maine are damn lucky to have her.  
The "Bye Bye Susan" we saw on so many road signs was an insult, shame on those that broadcast it far and wide.  Fortunately, enough Mainers saw through Gideon's boatloads of money funded falsehoods.
Jon Kuhl lives in Camden