revisit one of Camden’s hidden treasures

Camden Library’s distinctive double staircase restored

Thu, 08/06/2020 - 8:45am

Story Location:
55 Main Street
Camden  Maine
United States

CAMDEN — The Camden Public Library encourages the community to revisit one of Camden’s hidden treasures, the newly restored Fauns Garden double staircase. Made possible by a $12,000 grant from the Belvedere Historical Preservation Fund of the Maine Community Foundation, the restoration involved repairing and repointing the brick piers that support the outdoor double staircase, and repairing and refinishing the wrought iron railings integral to the stairs.

Landscape architect Fletcher Steele, who designed the Amphitheatre in 1928, was inspired to transform the back of the library building with the double staircase – a miniaturized version of the grand stairway at the Chateau de Fontainebleau outside Paris.

“Such striking and distinguishing details helped earn National Historic Landmark status for the Amphitheatre and Library in 2013,” said CPL, in a news release.

“Restoring the deteriorating elements of the Fauns Garden’s double staircase enables this beautiful, historically significant setting to continue to welcome people,” said Library Parks Director Dave Jackson. “It will serve as a safe space to gather and to be at ease, now and for years to come.”

Rockport Stee; Smith & May, Inc.; Evelyn O’Connell; and Ryan Degnan each contributed careful work to restore one of the park’s most important features. 

“This restoration was achieved during an extraordinary and challenging time for individuals of all ages in our community, providing a place of peace and well-being,” said the CPL. “The Library is grateful to the Belvedere Historical Preservation Fund of the MaineCF, as well as to Library donors whose generosity makes this and other historic preservation projects possible.”