Camden girl establishes lemonade stand, dedicates proceeds to social justice, public health

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 11:30am
CAMDEN — One week after participating in the Black Lives Matter gathering in Camden, Mackenzie Lyman and her daughter, Hayden, were having a conversation about how to help social justice and public health efforts.
Over the June 14 weekend, Hayden turned 7. But this was not the year for birthday parties, with the COVID 19 pandemic. 
Instead, Hayden decided to establish a lemonade stand, with proceeds going to an organization that promotes social justice and human rights. With this initial venture, she chose the American Civil Liberties Union as the recipient of all her earnings.
“I want half to go to helping homeless people, half for the food pantry, and half to fight the coronavirus,” she told her mother.
Outfitted with custom-made lemonade bottles, courtesy of Maine Street Markets, in Rockport, she sold her product in front of her Pearl Street, Camden, home.
“We purchased the bottles because we wanted to keep it a Covid-safe experience for customers,” said Mackenzie. “The bottles were made in a commercial kitchen and sealed for safety.”
Hayden’s friends and neighbors came out to support her sales and she raised more than $300 in just over an hour. A check will be cut to the ACLU this week.
“We have a great community,” said Mackenzie.