Camden firefighter rescues cat stuck in tree

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 2:30pm

    CAMDEN — Many have seen images of firemen climbing tall ladders to rescue cats out of trees. It’s the classic story, with the nervous cat owner standing down below, waiting to be reunited with the feline.  

    “Today is one of those rainy days when a stereotype becomes a reality,” said Camden Fire Chief Chris Farley.

    On August 8, around 8:30 a.m., Farley said the fire and police departments received about eight phone calls from folks in the area of 82 Mechanic Street about a cat stuck in a tree. The cat was calling for help.

    One caller said that the cat’s first distress call was first heard at 4 a.m.

    Farley, firefighter Matt Heath, and Camden Police parking enforcement officer Mark Bennett headed over to Mechanic Street to investigate the case of the howling cat.

    There it was, approximately 70 feet in the tall oak tree, on an outer limb, while the rain fell and the wind blew. 

    They returned to the fire station to get the ladder truck for the rescue mission.

    Heath climbed out on the extended ladder to the tree limb, with a canvas tote bag that the owner had given him to help lure the cat to safety. The owner thought that the familiar smells of the bag might help.

    The bag did not really pique the cat’s interest, however, as much as the firefighter himself. The cat snuggled right in Heath’s arms. 

    Heath said that the cat came to him and let him hold it tightly in his arms as they descended the ladder.

    The entire rescue only took about three minutes and the cat was uninjured.

    The department did not identify the cat nor its owner, but said that the cat is both an outdoor and indoor feline.

    Another adage is that things can happen in threes.

    This saying seems to be true for Camden’s first responders since during the past week, they have helped to rescue a mini pig, a newborn calf and today a daring cat.

    What’s next?

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