Camden elects Susan Dorr and Ken Gross to the Select Board, approves $12.5 million bond

Tue, 06/11/2024 - 8:15pm
    Voters turned out in force in Camden June 11, voting to approve municipal and school budgets, a $12.5 million bond, zoning and land use ordinance changes, and buying a groomer for the Camden Snow Bowl.
    They also elected Susan Dorr and Ken Gross to the Select Board.
    Four candidates were seeking election for the two open Select Board seats in Camden: Susan Dorr, Stephanie French (incumbent), Ken Gross and Sophie Romana (incumbent).
    Votes received were:
    Susan Dorr, 1,001
    Stephanie French, 814
    Ken Gross, 1,051
    Sophie Romana, 798

    Here are the results:

    Municipal ballot
    Article 3, amend definition of accessory apartment
    Yes 1,214
    No  553
    Article 4, eliminate off street parking requirement for accessory apartments
    Yes 1,157
    No  619
    Article 5, define short term rentals, amends definition of dwelling unit
    Yes 1,056
    No  857
    Article 6, add short term rentals as a permitted use in all zoning districts
    Yes  1,014
    No   903
    Article 7, regulate short term rentals by requiring annual licensing and adhering to safety and wastewater rules
    Yes  1,054
    No   877
    Article 8, amend zoning to further regulate piers
    Yes  1,425
    No   530
    Article 9, amend and add new approval criteria for piers, wharves, floats, breakwaters, boat ramps, bridges.
    Yes  1,432
    No   519
    Article 10, amend maximum height of piers and require repairs of, and replacement of, piers computer with municipal standards.
    Yes  1,471
    No   490
    Article 11, should Camden retain ownership of Tannery Park for community purposes, green space, etc.
    Yes 1,521
    No  418
    Articles 12 through 17 concerned annual fiscal administration, such as setting tax due dates, etc. All these articles passed.
    Article 18, authorize the town to borrow $12.5 million (estimated interest of $8.2 million) to finance sewer repairs, road and sidewalk repairs, and stormwater system repairs.
    Yes 1,554
    No  369
    Article 19 municipal budget
    Yes 1,710
    No  207
    Article 20, municipal budget
    Yes 1,371
    No 500
    Article 21, borrow $320,000 to purchase a groomer for the Camden Snow Bowl.
    Yes 1,170
    No  728
    Article 22, appropriate $420,000 from the town’s undesignated fund balance to fund the budget losses at the Snow Bowl in 2023 and 2024.
    yes   1,272
    no    631
    Voters also approved the  $17.1 million Five Town CSD budget 
    Yes  1,516
    No  420
    Voters also authorized the CSD to build and equip a new 1,800-square-foot special education classroom on the Camden Hills Regional High School campus and expend up to $750,000 from the district’s capital reserve fund for that purpose.
    Yes  1,561
    No   386
    Approved  the  $20.4 million SAD 28 budget
    Yes   1,510
    No   434

    State primaries
    Republican ballot
    U.S. Senate nomination
    Demi Kouzounas, Saco, 307 votes
    Representative to Congress, District 1
    Andrew Plantidosi, Cape Elizabeth, 127
    Ronald Russell, Kennebunkport, 190
    State Senator District 12
    William Scott Rocknack, Camden, 349
    Legislative representative, District 41
    Cory Raymond, Rockport, 326
    Democrat ballot
    David Allen Costello, Brunswick, for U.S. Senator, 880
    Representative to Congress, District 1
    Chellie Pingree, North Haven, 1,307
    State Senator, District 12
    Anne Beebe Center, Rockland, 1,187
    Legislative representative, District 41
    Victoria Doudera, 1,280
    Knox County Commissioner
    Marc Ratner, 1,107