Said to be working the East Coast, targeting fitness centers, public places

Belfast Police warn of Felony Lane Gang

Fri, 01/09/2015 - 9:00pm

    BELFAST — Belfast Police are warning residents of the Midcoast to use extra vigilance whenever leaving their vehicles after a recent motor vehicle burglary.

    The incident, which involved a smashed window, occurred Dec. 18 and has been linked to a ‘gang’ of thieves working the East Coast,  according to Detective Bryan Cunningham. 

    Dubbed the “Felony Lane Gang” Belfast Police say the group targets vehicles left at Fitness Centers, including the YMCA and anywhere in general where people leave their wallets unattended. 

    They are stealing credit cards, debit cards, checkbooks, or even just driver’s licenses, according to Cunningham. 

    Belfast Police say the Felony Lane Gang got its name due to the practice of using the furthest lane at a bank window, which they have used to make withdrawals from the stolen debit cards. 

    The group has also used stolen checks and accompanying driver’s licenses to cash the stolen checks. Members of the group use wigs and stolen license plates. 

    The gang has also been known to use locals, asking them to cash stolen checks, or withdraw funds from a stolen debit card in exchange for a portion of the ill-gotten gains, Cunningham said. 

    Belfast Police are urging people never to leave wallets, purses, or any other valuables in plain sight in an unattended vehicle. 

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