The beauty of roadside farm stands

Fri, 06/10/2022 - 12:00pm

    LINCOLNVILLE—In the summertime, people drive by rural, roadside farm stands like they’re a dime a dozen. But, there is such art and beauty in a local hutch at the end of a dirt driveway.

    For many, a farm stand is a way for home gardeners, farmers, and fishermen to supplement their income without having to necessarily be present at the time of purchase. The old piece of Americana that still holds true is that most of these farm stands sell their wares on the honor system.

    These rural farm stands and microbusinesses are all over the Midcoast—one only needs to pay attention while driving to see the signs by a driveway.

    For example in Lincolnville, along Route 173, there is one corridor that has everything from fresh herbs to locally caught lobster, wood-fired pizza to quail eggs.

    Once you reach Lincolnville Center, there are still even more food and beverage options at Drake Corner store and Lincolnville General Store.

    Let’s take a tour. [Note: some of the larger businesses who have an online presence will have the address provided. In order to keep the other tiny roadside farms from being overwhelmed, one must drive through to find the farm stand.]

    Wood-Fired Pizza and Baked Goods


    Dolce Vita Farm & Bakery, a one-woman home business (488 Beach Road) is the subject of two Pen Bay Pilot stories, “‘Traveling Baker’ takes Italian/American fusion to Lincolnville pop-up dinners” and “Lincolnville’s Dolce Vita makes pizza — and lots of it – to help friend fighting cancer.” Owner Rose Lowell Rose makes everything from scratch and sources as many local ingredients as possible. Keep posted on what’s coming out of the Dolce Vita Farm & Bakery by visiting its Facebook page.

    Honey & Quail Eggs


    That’s it; that’s all you get. A sign and a roadside stand with the decadent option of buying fresh raw honey and gourmet (nearly impossible to find) quail eggs. This tiny roadside business only has limited inventory, so when they are out, they’re out.


    Lobster and Clams


    M & L Seafood (638 Beach Rd) is on Trip Advisor.  As one loyal customer said, “You're buying local lobsters from the guy who pulled them out of his own traps that morning. Same with the clams and crabs. Really nice, down-to-earth locals serve up fresh, every day.” Make friends and you might even be able to have them cook them for you to take home.

    Fresh Chicken Eggs


    A cooler with a predator-proof box sits at the end of another driveway in Lincolnville. Lucky patrons who find the cooler full may drop in a few bucks and take home fresh farm eggs.

    Herbs, Flowers, and Plants


    One driveway over from the farm eggs is another little gem of a roadside stand that sells all kinds of plants, herbs, and flowers that have been grown on the property and the greenhouse.


    Cash or check will suffice; just leave it in the little cookie jar. If you’re interested in leaving a note, the owner provides you with a pen and notepaper to leave your name and she’ll text you back.

    Note: to protect the privacy of the homeowners, please follow the directions from each roadside stand and do not knock on the door, unless invited by the sign, if inventory is gone. Please come back another time.

    Kay Stephens can be reached at