Letter to the editor

Are the voters being duped about Thomaston Green?

Tue, 06/07/2022 - 12:45pm

Much has been said and written about the Thomaston Green.

The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan famous saying, “everyone has the right to their own opinion but they do not have the right to their own facts,” seems to have a fit here.

What I am referring to is the discussion of having a much needed fire station on the Thomaston Green. Question 4 proponents have repeatedly led the voters to believe this can take place as a part of their warrant article.

These statements and inferences are a direct result of dishonesty, advocating a position using arguments and data known to be fallacious, circular logic, ridicule and emotion over reason.

The facts are these:

The Friends of the Green, on April 4, received a lengthy and detailed analysis from their attorney, clearly outlining each section of their proposal and made clear that a structure such as a fire station cannot be placed on the Green. Further, the same attorney, at a town meeting, when asked, clearly agreed that a fire station could not be built on Thomaston Green.

We, as Thomaston voters and taxpayers, may suffer from being duped by an organization that has known since April 4 that suggesting, intimating or stating a fire station is possible, when full well knowing it was not.

Question 3 clearly allows a park and a much needed fire station!

Let’s put this to bed, June 14, and vote YES on question 3 and NO on question 4.

Charles Grover lives in Thomaston