Appleton writer self-publishes new work of fiction, ‘She lives in Daydreams’

Tue, 12/20/2022 - 8:45pm

    Nakia Cramer, of Appleton, has published her latest work of fiction, She lives in Daydreams, and in doing so, has also created Sennebec Shores Press as her imprint for her self-published works.

    The book launched on Amazon November 18  and has already sold in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

    It is about a woman’s journey of self discovery as she navigates love and loss.

    The protagonist, Alice, dreams and those dreams are a stark contrast to her mundane life as a bored New England housewife.

    Over the years, her disengaged husband, James, has lost sight of the vibrant and attractive woman she is. So, Alice escapes her lonesome reality through the freedom of her dreams, and finds Harrison, a wildly successful British actor with a charming demeanor, captivating green eyes, and the body of a chiseled god.

    The two embark on a road trip headed for New Orleans, where together they make life-altering memories that give Alice hope for a new, adventure-filled life.

    When she awakens to find herself back in her monotonous reality, Alice spontaneously sets off on a vacation to London alone, fueled by frustration and a desire to live a life that's as good as her daydreams.

    Sparks fly and flames ignite as Alice throws caution to the wind and follows her heart.

    Cramer was born and raised on the coast of Maine. With a love of literature instilled in her at a young age by her grandmother, Maxine, Cramer always knew she wanted to become a writer. When she’s not writing, Nakia enjoys sharing time with her husband, David, and her dog, Oscar. She also enjoys photography, kayaking and spending time in nature observing the wildlife that surrounds her Maine lakefront home, as well as traveling to the Gulf Coast.