agenda for jan. 24 meeting

Appleton school committee considers addition of new Pre-K program

Sat, 01/22/2022 - 10:15am

APPLETON — The school committee for the Appleton Village School will hold its next committee meeting Monday, Jan. 24. 

The meeting will be held at 5 p.m. virtually over Zoom:


1. Call to order

2. Public Comment

3. Adjustments to the agenda

4. Signing of the Warrants

5. Accept the minutes of the December 13 regular meeting minutes.

6. Review and vote on bids for bus contracts.

7. Second reading and adoption of Policy GBGB: Workplace Bullying

8. First reading of new policies

a. JK-Student Discipline
b. JKAA/JKAA-R-Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion and Procedures
c. JKD-Suspension of Students
d. JKE/JKE-R-Expulsion of Students and Guidelines
e. JKF/JKF-R-Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities and procedure
f. IJJ-Instructional and Library and Media Materials Selection
g. JL-Wellness
h. JLCB-Student Immunization

9. Resignation/Nominations

10. Preliminary Budget Overview

11. Superintendent’s Report
a. Financials

12. Principal’s Report

a. Monthly review of Safe Return to in Person Learning Plan
b. Facilities update
c. PreK grant and next steps
d. Library services

13. Vote: Approve the addition of a PreK program starting Fall 2022.

14. Vote: Expedite bidding process for PreK building modifications.

15. Items for the Next Agenda. Date: February 28

16. Executive Session for Principal Self-Evaluation.

17. Adjournment