Letter to the editor: Julia Adams

Angus King understands progress doesn’t come from polarization

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 7:00am

    I have watched as Angus King has received criticism from both the political left and right. Progressives argue that King should do nothing but obstruct the current Republican administration. Hardline conservatives accuse the Senator of falling in line with the Democrats.

    Nonetheless, King commands the support of  the many common sense Maine voters who sit in the moderate center of the political spectrum. Maine people understand that progress doesn’t come from polarization. Moderates understand that matters of fiscal, social and healthcare policy cannot be easily resolved if one lives uncompromisingly in the ideological extremes. King knows that Mainers favor a government that works by consensus, not by a partisan power-struggle between competing “tribes.”

    If only Washington was more moderate, like many of us here in Maine, a lot more would get done.

    Join me in voting for the moderate Angus King on November 6th.


    Julia Adams