Roe Chiacchio: To your health

Aging with Style and Dignity  

Fri, 05/28/2021 - 1:45pm

No matter what age we are at the present moment, we are all aging in different ways and some feel they are aging faster than others. Our health plays a crucial role in how we grow older.  Depending on what we pay attention to, our well-being is a major factor in the speed of the aging process.

We have the power to influence our state of health. According to Joan Borysenko, Ph.D, scientist and psychologist, aging is “25 percent genetic and 75 percent attitude and lifestyle.”

We have heard it for years that we need to eat nutritious foods, not smoke, to reduce stress and exercise. These recommendations are important but there is more to it.

Aging is a part of life. How we walk through it is our decision.  Embrace aging with style and dignity.

We can age with style and dignity. So how do we do this? 

Along with a healthy diet and exercise routine, a key component is having a positive attitude. How we think of ourselves affects the physiology of our body. If we think negative thoughts, our body will respond in an undesirable manner. Your body believes what you think and fear. It does not know the difference between reality and critical self-talk. 

Our approach and outlook on life can make us victims or victors.

Listen to the words you use to describe yourself and your life. Are they positive or negative nouns, adjectives and verbs? 

Age related words, such as declining, degenerating, drying out, shriveling, stupid, decrepit, senile and weak feed negativity into your life and beliefs about yourself. 

Words such as agile, spry, active, involved, wise, creative, fun and witty are positive descriptions to describe yourself even though you may not believe it. The saying, fake it till you make it, works.

Think of what is going right with your body instead of what is going wrong with it.

As we age, our beliefs change. Our ideas take a different route in our awareness about what is important to us. We experience more appreciation and understanding of our surroundings and friends. We have the knowledge of what to let go of and what to hold on to. We create less drama and walk away from the commotion surrounding us. We pick our battles and let the unimportant things slip away. We shed our armor and the need to prove ourselves to the world. We accept who we are and feel empowered.


Roe Chiacchio is a cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation RN, CPT personal trainer and CDP certified dementia practitioner. She integrates her background into a specialized style of training for each of her clients and shares her perspective and knowledge in her articles published at PenBay Pilot and NCCDP. Her business, ONWARD, Cardiovascular Health, Wellness and Dementia Management is in Camden. Her education is based in behavioral science, psychology, neuroscience and gerontology studies.  Her interest is working to enhance physical performance and mental health of individuals through her training sessions and her articles. Her hobbies are photography and international travel. Volunteer work: Hopi Nation. For more information: 207 249-8166, or