Agenda set for Five Town CSD board meeting Jan. 5

Sun, 01/02/2022 - 10:30am

ROCKPORT — The agenda for the next Five Town CSD school board meeting has been set.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 7 p.m. in the Bisbee Theater at Camden-Rockport Middle School. 

Meeting livestream:


1. Call to Order

2. Adjustments to the Agenda

3. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda

4. Minutes
a. Approval of the December 1, 2021 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

5. ARP Application Update – Maria Libby

6. Possible Approval of the Julie Landwehr Memorial Scholarship

7. Board Chair’s Report – Becky Flanagan
a. Joint Board Retreat – Tuesday, January 25, 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

8. Superintendent’s Report – Maria Libby

9. Student Representatives’ Report

10. Administrative Reports
a. Deb McIntyre, Assistant Superintendent
b. Shawn Carlson, CHRHS Principal
c. Valerie Mattes, Director of Student Special Services

11. Standing Committee Reports

a. Finance – Met December 1, 2021, minutes attached.
i. Finance Update – Finance Committee Chair

b. Joint Policy – Met December 13, 2021, minutes attached. Next meeting March 14.

First Reads
BHC – Board Relationships and Communications with Staff
GCEA – Recruitment, Selection, and Employment of Teaching Personnel
GCF-R – Recruitment, Selection, and Employment of Administrative Staff Procedure
IJJ – Instructional and Library Materials Selection
IJJ-E – Citizen’s Challenge of Educational Media Form
IMB – Learning About Controversial Issues
IMBB – Exemption from Required Instruction
JICB – Care of School Property by Students
JL – Student Wellness
KEB – Complaints about School Personnel

Review with no or minor revisions
EEA – Transporting Students
GCF – Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff
GCOC – Evaluation of Administrative Staff
GDF – Recruitment, Selection, and Employment of Support Staff
JEGE – Student Organizations Out of State Competition
JJA-P – Participation Guidelines for Student Athletics and Activities
JJA-R – Procedure to Discontinue a Sport or Student Activity
JJIB – Sponsorship and Evaluation of Athletic Programs
JL-R – Student Wellness Guidelines

c. Joint Personnel – Has not met

d. Joint Curriculum – Next Meeting January 10.

12. Ad Hoc Committee Reports
a. Joint Communications – Met December 21, 2021, minutes attached. Next Meeting January 18.
b. Facilities – Met December 16, 2021, minutes attached. Next Meeting January 20.

13. Board Advisory Committee Reports
a. MCST – Marcus Mrowka

14. School Advisory Committee Reports
a. DEI Task Force – Next meeting January 31

15. Future Agenda Items

16. Executive Session to Discuss a Personnel Matter – 1 MRS § 405 (6) (A)

17. Adjourn