Letter to the editor: Gordon Page

About the petition to defund Rockland Police Department

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 1:15pm

I've been reading about and listening with great interest to the discussion about defunding the Police Department in the City of Rockland. 
There is great passion on both sides of the issue, and like most arguments presented by proponents for change, there is an apparent lack of clarity in the desired end result. Some who are in favor of the idea are saying that defunding doesn't mean the elimination of the police department, while others who are also in favor of defunding,  declare that the plan would, over time, make the Police Department obsolete. 
In Knox County, most towns do not have a municipal Police Department. Instead, those communities rely on the Knox County Sheriff's Department, and to a lesser degree, the Maine State Police. 
The loss of the Police Department in Rockland, or even a reduction in manpower due to significant defunding efforts would simply shift the burden of law enforcement in the City to other police agencies. Such a move would likely result in additional taxation to the residents of the other Knox County towns, and create new opportunities for those who prey on others.
Clearly, there are solid reasons to improve social services and other outreach programs, as mental health issues and addiction are a root cause of a certain percentage of crimes. But not all. 
The fact remains that there are bad guys and gals who live among us; real criminals who, with malice aforethought intentionally deceive, destroy, rape, murder, molest and maim. 
Gordon Page lives in Owls Head