Posted:  Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 11:45am

Story Location:
336 Limerock Street
Rockland  Maine
United States

Open to the Community for all that desire a prophetic word

Date: March 27th, 2017
Location: 336 Limerock Street, Rockland Me 04841
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm- just walk in, no registration required
Hosted by: Eastgate School of the Spirit and LIFE Ministries 

Would you like to know your ordained spiritual gifts and purpose in life? How God loves you and is for you? From the old to the young and all walks of life, everyone is welcome to come to receive a personal word (prophecy) that will bless your life.

What does the Bible say about the gift of prophecy? The apostle Paul gives a simple definition of prophecy telling us “But everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement, and comfort” (1 Corinthians 14:3).

In simple terms, prophecy is “hearing” from God and speaking what you hear to build up, encourage and comfort someone. As our teams minister to you with the Father’s heart, your life will be touched by the transforming power of His love.

For More Information contact: Roy Roden at or call our office at (207) 230-8473. Or Jake and Tanja Barbour L.I.F.E. Ministries at 
207-593-7973 or 207-542-4419

In His heart with love – Roy Roden