The Joy of the Lord

Sat, 04/30/2022 - 9:15am


     I just listened to a message by Justin Perry on the healing power of joy as it relates to PTSD. This is probably the best message I have heard on this subject. As a Vietnam vet, a warrior on the front lines, and the adverse effects (learning curve) of life’s trials and trauma, I am well aware of the effects of PTSD.  Although healed of much of this symptom, there are still lingering shadows that the light of the Lord is touching. Recently, while attending the MorningStar MFC retreat at New Dawn Church, a member of their prophetic team (Jacob) addressed this healing aspect for my life. 

      For many years I have been graced with the gift of the joy of the Lord. I have experienced and learned about the numerous kinds of joy, measures of joy, and the myriad reasons why the healing joy of the Lord will manifest. This joy of the Holy Spirit has no boundaries as far as location or respect of persons. I think it especially likes to offend the religious spirit, and those who are critical.  Whether it is at work, at play, in restaurants, or with friends, the joy of the Lord may erupt from within at any time. I believe sometimes this “break out of the Spirit” is a prophetic sign with the message- “This joy of the Lord is present and available to all!”  

      The joy of the Lord rises from deep within. Jesus said that out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters. Living waters of the Spirit are the fountain that overflow our lives with God's peace, love and joy. Sometimes if feels like a wave rushing to shore, other times like a Tsunami, affecting those in the wake of its joy.  Each time I experience this, I am filled with the life of His presence. I believe, among others reasons, it is God's healing grace for my life that strengthens my walk with God, for in His presence there is fullness of joy, and it is the joy of the Lord that is our strength.

     Sometimes “this rising” of the Spirit puts a smile on my face, other times because of a revealed truth, the joy erupts as a chuckle if you will.  The most prominent is an eruption of laughter, the joy that flows up from deep within. Like a volcano, it begins with a small eruption, each time with each wave, it goes deeper, fuller, and more pronounced.  This may take place until it feels as if it is rising up from the bowels of my inner most being that leaves me breathless but full of the life of His living presence. To some this is hilarious, to others refreshing as they receive the impartation, and to others still, it is embarrassing.

     Here is the link to the message by Justin Perry on the Joy of the Lord and PTSD.

  In His joy Roy