River Tubing on The St. George River

Posted:  Sunday, July 13, 2014 - 8:30am


“The river is constantly turning and bending and you never know where it's going to go and where you'll wind up. Following the bend in the river and staying on your own path means that you are on the right track. Don't let anyone deter you from that.”-Eartha Kitt

On Saturday, July 12, a spontaneous crowd of nearly 150-170 people gathered at Warren’s boat landing with floatation devices to participate in the first annual St. George River Tubing Event. The idea was simple: gather with anything that can float, tubes, floats, rafts, kayaks, etc. and go down together on the 6.2 mile trip, end up at The Slipway in Thomaston.

With headwinds and a slow moving river, it took folks about six and a half hours to make it down, but it was a beautiful warm day to just sit back and let the current take you.

Here is a photo gallery of some of the day’s more colorful flotation devices. Photographers have been credited in individual photos.

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