Fishermen’s Forum gets under full steam in Rockport

Posted:  Friday, March 2, 2018 - 12:00pm

ROCKPORT - The 43rd annual Fishermen’s Forum got to a great start Thursday night, March 1, at the Samoset Resort with a reception and seafood demonstration. Guests at the reception sampled regional seafood delights including lobster, scallops, mussels, fresh shucked oysters and chowders, just to name a few. A silent auction was conducted as attendees visited tables of food-laden entrees. The room was literally surrounded with food. 

Chilloa Young, forum coordinator, said the year turned out to be really big.

“We sold out the resort, the trade show and all the events earlier then we normally do,” she said. “That’s why I anticipate a good year. It’s going to be windy, so we know a lot of fishermen will attend because the conditions won’t be good for fishing. And we’re not having a blizzard, which is always a blessing.”

The three-day event is boasting the biggest trade show they have ever had with 131 vendors on three floors.

“We have new vendors which is nice,” Young said. “Attendees are looking for new gear, trying to expand their business and even trying to buy a new boat. This year we have a gentleman who is demonstrating an automatic lobster bander. It’s for sale and it’s very interesting.”

Young said many of the fishermen attend to see friends that they don’t get to see all year.

Kristan Borter, board member, said he was thrilled with the turnout.

“Thursday is usually a slow day,” he said, “but the parking lot is full and it’s all going very good so far.”

Boerter said he expects to see 4,000 to 5,000 people make their way through the forum this weekend.

“We have people from D.C. on panels,” he said. “We have people from the National Fisheries Service on panels and we have people traveling from all over New England to be here.”

Enjoy the photo gallery from the opening reception and enjoy the forum if you get the chance.