Crystal Robinson announces bid for House District 44

Wed, 01/26/2022 - 9:45am

    HOPE — Crystal Robinson, a Republican, has announced her candidacy to represent District 44 in the Maine House of Representatives. 

    Following redistricting, House District 44 will serve the communities of Hope, Warren and Union in the next legislative term. 

    Robinson is running for office to restore “our constitutional rights as Americans” and is committed to referring to both our Federal and the Maine State Constitutions when making decisions, a news release stated. 

    “I may be running as a Republican but I am an American first and foremost,” she said. “These Constitutions are the law of the land, which if properly adhered to, protect the people from the excesses of government, such as freedom from unwanted medical intrusion. All elected officials swear an oath to our Constitution. However, it is what they do that counts and that is something we need to pay more attention to.”

    A Maine native and former long-time resident of Cushing, Robinson married Christopher Robinson, who was also born in Maine and who, as a direct descendent of Moses Robinson, “is related to seemingly everyone in the area, except Crystal, thank goodness!” They have two children and two grandchildren.

    Years ago, Crystal and Chris worked for Procter & Gamble, AG in Geneva, Switzerland. They moved back to Maine after the birth of their son. Back in Maine, Crystal became a French teacher, a job which she very much enjoyed, and Chris joined Crystal’s father and brothers in their construction business, Daggett Builders, in Cushing. Crystal joined the family business as the office manager after her mother retired.

    In addition to working and raising young children, Crystal volunteered as an EMT. It was a team effort; her neighbors stood by as babysitters on short notice. Later she served on the schoolboard and is currently serving on the Hope School Committee.

    Like her mother, Robinson has always been an avid gardener. She is committed to feeding her family nutritious food and loves to experiment with ingredients. Her dream is to inspire everyone to grow some of their own, healthy, organic food. Producing and sharing food unites families and communities. (Contact her if you want some advice or help planning!) She is certified in Permaculture through Midcoast Permaculture and in Agriscaping, elegant, edible, landscaping, through (Bring back the Victory Gardens!)

    Robinson is particularly interested in striking a balance between growing and foraging for organic food, permaculture, and supporting native species. She and Chris own a MOGFA certified organic blueberry farm in Hope.

    Robinson boils her philosophy down to three key words: Truth, Freedom and Honor, and offers the following explanations:

    Truth: We deserve to hear the truth from our public servants. Since the beginning of time, those who seek power and control have used pretty words to obfuscate the truth. Phrases such as “peacekeeping force”, “for your benefit”, and “for the common good” come to mind. Words and psychology are cleverly used by power seekers of all stripes. Words have great power but actions tell the truth.

    Freedom: Freedom is the basis upon which this Republic was founded. Not the freedom to do whatever one wants but freedom under a rule of law designed to protect our God-given inalienable rights while at the same time providing the framework for a peaceful society. Freedom of speech is perhaps the most crucial inalienable right. If there is no free speech there is no freedom. Those who control speech seek to divide us and make us forget about honor, to blind us from the truth, and to take away our freedom.

    Honor: We must all remember to:

    - Honor each other as fellow human beings no matter our idiosyncrasies; we are all one.

    - Honor and protect this beautiful land that we share. Just as we are one as a people, we are one with this land and the creatures that live upon it. We are all part of the circle of life, interdependent, and responsible for our actions.

    - Be honorable and not shirk from the responsibility we have to voluntarily support those in need, to participate in our communities, and to tirelessly defend the values of our Republic.

    - Honor our founders who had the wisdom to give us a system of limited government under the rule of law.

    - Last but not least, honor the higher power that gives us a purpose beyond our own self-interest.

    Robinson is also committed to promoting educational classes on the Constitution. There is currently a free six-week course in progress on Friday nights at 7 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge in Union.

    Robinson cares deeply about Maine and its people, and is in this to win, the release noted.

    Those interested in supporting the campaign can reach Crystal at, or on Facebook by searching for Crystal Daggett Robinson. Her website and Instagram will be online soon.