Letter to the editor

Vote Nov. 2 for a Government Servant or Business Leader?

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 9:30am

Ben Dorr is both a business owner and a government servant. Both aspects are important to be a Rockland City Councilor.

He is careful, and does his homework on complicated issues.

He asks questions, wants to add to his understanding of existing policies and what needs changing to craft better policies.

He knows what the complex responsibilities of a City Councilor are and takes them seriously. Ben does not push a personal agenda or create conflict through blame.

He listens, assesses and values fairness.

A high priority of Ben is to invite conversations in order to share perspectives, identify benefits and minimize conflicts. Instead of an “us-and-them” attitude,

Ben’s level and thoughtful approach yields fair and legal ways to help Rockland thrive. His experience as a government servant is very valuable.

Connie Hayes lives in Rockland