Letter to the editor

Reasons not to destroy Montgomery Dam and Harbor Park

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 1:45pm

Reasons not to destroy Montgomery Dam and Harbor Park.

• If Camden voters approve the distruction of Montgomery Dam and part of Harbor Park this historic treasure will be gone forever.

• Montgomery Dam and Harbor Park have a direct positive impact on the economy of Camden.

•  The Town of Camden has spent more money in two years researching the removal of Montgomery Dam compared to what they’ve spent in 30 years maintaining and preserving Montgomery Dam.

•  Montgomery Dam does not have an impact on town flooding.

•  With the Camden Select Board‘s proposed changes to Montgomery Dam and Harbor Park, the river can never be restored back to its natural state. It will always remain man-made.

•  With Montgomery Dan gone the river through Camden would be reduced to a trickle. There would be no waterfall!

- To follow this issue or for more information, find us on savethedamfalls on Facebook and come to a meeting.

Lee Montgomery and Holly Rutland live in Lincolnville