Palermo voters eye school budget increase of 2.89 percent

Sat, 05/22/2021 - 11:45am

PALERMO — Voters in Palermo are voting on a proposed $24.47 million school budget for Regional School Unit 12. 

The budget is an increase of $689,552 from last year, or 2.89 percent. 

Voting will be held Tuesday, June 8. 


Budget Documents

RSU 12 Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 Presentation

RSU 12 Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Detail

RSU 12 Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 by Cost Center

RSU 12 Budget Book Fiscal Year 2022


Budget Notes

Cost per Palermo student will be $15,395.21. 

Cost-sharing for Palermo includes $1,977,991.82 for the RSU 12 municipal assessment for education. 

Savings in the budget include three retirements, reduction of support staff due to student changes, no increase to the health insurance, tuition costs projected to go down slightly and an adult education collaborative with MSAD 40. In the future, FY 2023, probably future savings include a solar farm. 

Article 1
Regular Instruction: $12,425,734 (up $329,866) 
Special Education: $4,658,432 (up $328,017) 
CTE Instruction: $0
Other Instruction: $177,795 (up $6,849) 
Student and Staff Support: $1,011,302 (up $16,949) 
System Administration: $622,917 (up $25,452) 
School Administration: $815,533 (up $7,925) 
Transportation and Buses: $1,428,647 (up $11,282) 
Facilities and Maintenance: $1,736,965 (up $13,213) 
Debt Service: $1,550,517 (down $50,0001) 
Food Service: $50,000 (no change) 
Total: $24,477,842 (up $689,552) 

Article 2, RSU Adult Education Program
Shall the RSU be authorized to appropriate $53,744 for adult education and raise $29,130 as the local share, with authorization to expend any additional, incidental, or miscellaneous receipts in the interest and for the well-being of the adult education program. The school board recommends a YES vote.