Hope to hold annual town meeting June 22

Sat, 05/22/2021 - 11:00am

    HOPE — Voters in the Town of Hope will participate Tuesday, June 22 in the annual town meeting at the Hope Elementary School. 

    Below are a pair of highlights of what will be voted on June 22.

    To view the complete town warrant, see the attached PDF document. Articles 7-29 will be voted on June 22. Articles 2-6 will be voted on during the June 8 municipal election. 

    Warrant Article Highlights

    Article 8: To see if the Town will authorize the Board of Selectmen to convey to Hope’s state legislators, members of Congress, Governor and the President of the United States the town hereby calls upon our federal elected representatives to enact carbon-pricing legislation to protect Maine from the costs and environmental risks of continued climate inaction. To protect households, we support Cash-Back Carbon Pricing that charges fossil fuel producers for their carbon pollution and rebates the money collected to all residents on an equal basis with monthly dividend checks. 

    Article 10: To see if the Town will vote to appropriate $4,087.65 from the unassigned fund balance to cover the overdraft in the town’s public works account for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. The overdraft in Public Works Cost Center was due to a change in the assessment given by Mid Coast Solid Waste halfway through the assessment year of $796 from the Sanitation line and $3,291.65 and unanticipated repair and maintenance from the Roads line.