Sustainable Valentines

- Private group -
Fri, 02/08/2019 - 7:30am

I’m really excited about my Valentine card project.  I shopped Main St and also contacted an artist for cards to mail to family and friends.  My two card rules were nothing seasonal and no cards packaged in plastic.  I was pleased by all the variety and choices.  I had fun finding the right card for each person.  I supported my community and ART.  Some of the cards were made locally and others from cool businesses a bit further away. I didn’t spend a lot of $$$ and I throughly enjoyed myself.   My purchases supported my values and the world I want.- a happier, less trashy planet.

One of my 2019 Zero Waste/plastic free goals is to value items more.  These is especially important with all the stories I’m starting to hear about the realities of recycling.  How can I give these cards more value and spread the joy?  By asking for them to be reused.  I encouraged each person to turn their card into a postcard and spread the love.

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