Letter to the editor: Nick Lapham

Vote, whether you agree with my choices or not

Sun, 10/21/2018 - 6:45pm

Many voters may choose to make the upcoming election a referendum on Donald Trump, whether about his persona or his record, though mid-term elections are at least as much about state and local issues as they are about the state of the nation, and this election is no exception.

The vote for Governor is, in essence, a referendum on the last eight years of Paul LePage’s agenda to get the state out of debt and address the serious challenges to future economic growth and prosperity. In this vein, I can think of no one better suited to carry forward that successful agenda than Shawn Moody, whose experience as a successful entrepreneur/business owner/jobs creator makes him exceptionally well qualified to lead our state forward.  I am fearful that given the track record of previous Democratic governors, we can very easily backslide into debt under another Democratic administration, which the state simply cannot afford.  If you think you are better off today than you were eight years ago – and most Mainers are – then the choice as to who is likely to leave you, and the rest of us, better off four (or eight) years from now, is pretty clear.

As a [mostly] lifelong Republican, I also support Eric Brakey for U.S. Senate, and Mark Holbrook for U.S. House District 1.  In the case of Dr. Holbrook, I see a man with wide range of professional experience in law enforcement, teaching and lobstering, prior to becoming a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, serving veterans, police officers and active military in his practice.  He is a straight-shooter who stands for very fundamental conservative principles, and New England could surely use at least one more Republican congressional representative who will seek to control spending in Washington DC. 

Locally, I see three candidates that I can wholeheartedly support with my votes:

Jon Liberman for District Attorney stepped in for former DA Geoffrey Rushlau and has served the communities he represents with distinction.  He is an experienced trial attorney who has also demonstrated the necessary management skills to run the four-county DA office efficiently and professionally.  I urge voters to consider each candidate’s qualifications for District Attorney, irrespective of their party affiliation, as I strongly believe it would be a huge loss to our community if Jon Liberman were not elected to serve a full four-year term in favor of someone who does not appear to have the requisite experience for this important position.

While Tim Carroll is running unopposed for Sheriff, I would not hesitate to support him if he were opposed.  I have had the honor and privilege to meet with Tim during my tenure on the Knox County Budget Committee, and I can say unequivocally that Knox County will be in exceptionally good hands under Tim’s very capable and respected leadership.

I support Justin Thompson for my own House District 92, representing Cushing, St. George, South Thomaston and Thomaston (and Matinicus). A fifth generation lobsterman-fisherman, who bought his first boat at age 10, and also served alongside Tim Carroll as a corrections officer, Justin has deep personal experience with the challenges of making a payroll and dealing with government taxes and regulations from an employer’s perspective. In the case of state legislators I feel far more comfortable being represented by someone who has worked in the private sector, especially as a small business owner, rather than someone who has spent the majority of their career working as a government administrator, as well intentioned and needed as that experience may be.

Finally, I urge everyone to vote, whether you agree with my choices or not.


Nick Lapham lives in Tenants Harbor