Letter to the editor: Carl and Susan Chadwick

Vicki Doudera’s wide-ranging experience is invaluable to this community

Sun, 10/14/2018 - 8:00pm

We are voting for Vicki Doudera for State Representative on November 6 for numerous and obvious reasons. Throughout the 30-plus years that Vicki has lived and worked in this area, Vicki has displayed what  it truly means to patiently listen to, and take in what those around her have to say. 

With the extraordinary support of her husband Ed and their three grown children raised in our local school system, Vicki has been involved in this community in a multitude of endeavors – Innkeeper; Realtor; Board member and President of the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity; and a talented Author with a captured audience fascinated by her loyalty to Midcoast Maine through her writing.

This plethora of experience working with all types of people and businesses has not only given Vicki the ability to see what our community needs as a whole, but it has also given her the levelheadedness to think clearly and be able to communicate wisely on a State level.  

The platforms and principles believed by Vicki to be vital to the future of District 94 are apparent in her campaign as she has reached out to listen, gather information, and respond with reason before judgment without alienating constituents. We feel that our concerns regarding healthcare, education, affordable housing, keeping and growing jobs in this area, and the environment, are in line with the issues that she feels are of the utmost importance. Vicki's wide-ranging experience is invaluable to this community, and she has the right composure and professional integrity to be able to work with both sides in Augusta. 

We are, therefore, casting our vote for Vicki Doudera.


Carl and Susan Chadwick live in Camden