World’s largest single-masted sailing yacht visits Penobscot Bay

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 9:30am

CAMDEN — M5, reportedly the largest single-masted sailing yacht in existence, spent the weekend awing visitors to Camden Harbor with its impressive size and trappings of luxury. 

At approximately 277 feet in length, M5 has been photographed alongside some of Camden’s beloved windjammers — and while they are not small boats by most standards, they appear dwarfed by the size of M5. 

The Portland Press Herald reported that the M5 was docked at DiMillo’s Marina in Portland Thursday, September 6, after traveling from Newport, Rhode Island. The report did not reveal the destination of the boat or who was on board. 

The M5 was originally called Mirabella V and was commissioned by Joseph Vittoria, CEO of rental car giant Avis, according to the Press Herald report. 

According to a May 2012 report from Fortune Magazine, Vittoria sold the vessel in June 2011 to gas and oil magnate Rod Lewis for a reported $25 million. Lewis renamed the boat around the time of the sale.

The same report notes that the boat cannot pass under the Golden Gate Bridge due to the height of its mast. 

The boat was built in England and originally launched in 2004. A retrofit completed in 2013 saw its overall length extended, according to multiple reports.

A 2010 Greenwich Time story describes the Mirabella V as Vittoria owned and envisioned it: "I wanted the challenge, to build (a yacht) that would perform as well as power boats," Vittoria told Greenwich Time.

The report shares details of the boat including lavish amenities and extras including jet skis, kayaks and assorted toys to enjoy on the water. Additionally, the vessel boasts multiple pools, a gymnasium and a 29-foot Hinckley Picnic Boat which serves as its tender.

According to reports, the boat can accommodate up to a dozen guests and requires a crew of more than that to operate. At present, it is reportedly primarily used for luxury charters. 

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