Letter to the editor: Karla Doremus-Tranfield

We need more leaders like Vicki Doudera

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 9:00pm
District 94 is in a unique position to have two candidates for state representative who are intelligent, dedicated to what is best for their constituents, and running issues-based campaigns instead of negative attacks. The October 18 candidates’ forum illustrated many more similarities than differences between Vicki Doudera and Owen Casas. However, the forum crystallized for me why it is imperative to elect Vicki Doudera to the Maine House of Representatives.
Mr. Casas prides himself on being the independent who can work behind the scenes in Augusta to try to bring together two sides that don't want to publicly be perceived as compromising. Ms. Doudera is running as the democrat who will openly extend her hand and ideas across the aisle to achieve transparent compromise and create meaningful legislation.
In this era of hyperpolarization of the two main political parties, we need someone who is not afraid to openly build those bridges and working relationships and demonstrate how an effective congressional body can operate. If effective, she can arguably create a model for the rest of the United States.
Secondly, Ms. Doudera has a demonstrated history of building strong teams to achieve important goals.
Mr. Casas commented in the candidates forum that he is often so busy working hard to master the details that he fails to get full input from his constituents.
Ms. Doudera has an executive leadership style wherein she is comfortable not diving into the minute details of every situation, rather she surrounds herself with experts she can rely on to help her make the most informed decisions. Today's effective decision maker must build teams to effectively balance stakeholders' needs and access to vast amounts of information against the need to make timely decisions.
This November's election is critical to the future of our country. We need more leaders like Vicki Doudera who can bring open compromise back to our democracy, for the good of all citizens.
Karla Doremus-Tranfield lives in Camden