Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 4:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Dec. 29 - Jan. 13.


    National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped Inc. to Kiril Lozanov.

    Robinson Hope Hooper to Alice M. King.

    Merle Grass to Shellyann Wall and Joseph Marshall Lancaster III.

    Michael J. Lewis to Joyce and Kenneth Dyer.

    Old County Plantation LLC to Cooper Ridge Properties LLC.

    Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Jill Schvartz.

    Arthur N. and Deborah W. Pierce to Monica S. and Peter M. Dawson.

    Thomas R. Anderson to Maine Governmental Facilities Authority.

    Clinton L., Clint, and Lynn Duval to Maine Governmental Facilities Authority.

    Christopher J., Rosie K., and John G. Boynton to Lynn R. and Christopher J. Boynton.

    Alan E. Fouts to Point Pinellas Properties LLC.

    Kiril Lozanov to Crosby LLC.

    Nancy Moore to Mark R. Snyder.


    Elisabeth M. Taliento-Zappala and Elisabeth M. Taliento to Daniel M. Zaprala.

    Ray L. Morrison to Carol A. Zopatti and George L. Elliott.


    Anders E. Crosby to F.C. Works & Sons Inc.

    Faye W. and Gary E. Sheldon to Michelle and Gregory Perkins.

    Reno & Viola Thibodeau 1999 Trust to Noel E. Thibodeau.


    Dorothy Collins Weaver Personal Residence Trust to Dorothy Collins Weaver.

    Dorothy Collins Weaver Personal Residence Trust to Islesboro LLC.

    Dorothy Collins Weaver to Islesboro LLC.

    EXR LLC to Juliana and William Reidy.

    Susan S. Dillon to Joan M. Frost.


    John Work and Vanessa Gallant to Scott Finley and Lisa Cyr.


    Robert & Jennifer Piersiak Family Trust to Leah K. and Robert W. Piersiak.


    James P. and Kelly S. Purington to Elaine Secskas.

    Chad R. Colburn to Andrea R. and Michael S. Dautrich.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Sharon E. and Brendon T. Bell-Colfer.

    Roland Singer III to Elizabeth Anne Darby and Lawrence Clyde Darby II.


    Carol Macaulay to Kirsten R. and Shawn Surbey.

    Mary J. Peterson Living Trust to Sharon Brunette and Stanley W. Peterson Jr.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Daiva J. Deupree.

    Ercel A. Dodge EST to Scott Rolerson.

    Debora D. Waring to Gloria Spindola and Francis A. Capria.

    William E. and Robert W. Patten to Leah A. Patten.

    Leah A. Patten to William E. and Diane K. Patten.

    Ducktrap Hospitality LLC to Ronnie B. Hanby Living Trust.

    Key Bank National Association to Darren Robbins.

    Maine State Housing Authority and Craig J. Harwood to Terra Nova Sadowski, Tom Sadowski, and Janis A. Kay.

    Mary Elizabeth Bubeck Moore EST, Mary E. Moore EST, and Mary B. Moore EST to Jane A. Liedtke.


    Bradley C. and Bruce F. Putnam to Julie and Matthew Marston.


    John J. Murphy Revocable Trust to Shirley Andreozzi.

    Shirley and Ronald Andreozzi to Jacob David Horton.

    Shawn J. Ahearn III to Robert Leroy and Arlene Hadley.

    Montville Whispering Pines Mobile Home Park Inc. to Jeremy M. and Morgan A. Roberts.

    Judith H. and Paul J. Phillips to Paul J. and Judith H. Phillips.


    Shazelle M. Goulet to Two Loons LLC.

    Peter J. and Steven J. Holmbraker to Morrill Project LLC.


    James H. Nealey to James D. Nealey.

    Kristin H. Hanson, Kristin Hutt, and Todd Hanson to Forty Nine Eighty Three Coastline LLC and 4983 Coastline LLC.

    Kristin H. Hanson and Kristin Hutt to Ninety Four Eighty Eight Coastal LLC and 9488 Coastal LLC.


    Kathleen A. McWade Revocable Trust to Connor, Seanna, and Jason McWade.

    Bruce A. Stubbs to Ethan Moore Stubbs.

    Myron T. Luce Revocable Trust to Michael Brian Swan Family Trust.


    Benjamin J. Vawser and Harry Mitchell Billington to Kristen Paige Gregory.

    Marcia J. and Richard C. Maxwell to Charlee M. Hayes.

    Ami Marie Cotier and Ami M. Farrington to Al Benner Homes.

    Al Benner Homes to Daniel L. and Ami M. Farrington.


    Traci Fiori, Ryan Trisch, Novastar Mortgage Funding  Trust, and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR and Novastar Mortgage Funding  Trust.

    Winston H. York to Brian Drinkwater and Sherrie Trundy.

    Theodore J. and Anna M. Kessler to David G. Mroz.

    Stockton Springs

    Douglas A. Crosby to Brittany L. Bridgham and John-Michael D. Payne.

    Florence B. Heath EST to Richard A. Heath Jr.

    Richard A. Heath Jr. to Richard A. Heath Jr. and Brandon J. Heath.

    Michael H. Warren to Shellie L. Haskell.

    Shirley Robbins to Gary Robbins.

    Lynne M. and Christopher J. Meagher to Liversidge Property Development LLC.


    Brent and Alta Seekins to Benjamin Roland Knowlton.


    Brian N. Leavitt to Jessica Strickland.

    Brian N. Leavitt to Kayla and Christopher Higgins.

    Brian N. Leavitt to Kayla and Christopher Higgins.

    Thomas C. Berry to Megan G. and Phoenix W. O’Brien.


    Town of Troy to Ryan Drake.


    Town of Unity to Michael Mitchell.

    Town of Unity to Ronald Turner.

    Town of Unity to Susan Hunter.

    Town of Unity to Peter Vandeets.

    Patricia V. and John A. Bosco to Jason A. and Rebekah M. Bosco.

    Barry A. and Vera E. McCormick to Amy J. Ford and Amy McCormick.

    Carol B. and Robert H. Ferreira to Ferreira Real Estate Holdings LLC.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Michael J. Smith.


    Marion M. and Gerald W. Blackman to Kathryn Elizabeth McCormick.


    John C. Hersey to Cornerstone Real Estate LLC.

    Earl R. Anderson to Dennis J. Brown.

    Donald E. and Susan A. Harris to Skye Ellis.

    Colby E. Clendenning to Randy Bickford.

    Charles and Gwendolyn Hill to Atwood Hobbs.

    Town of Winterport to Gary Gould.

    Town of Winterport to Gary Gould.

    Maxine Jernigan EST to Marshall Jernigan.

    Maxine Jernigan EST to Merita Lindsey.

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