Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 11/22/2016 - 8:45am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 31 - Nov. 11. 


    Edward G. and Sharma N. Wood to Sandra D. Dutton.

    Carlton L. Rauch to Jeff C. Rauch and Jill M. Helmkamp.

    Carlton L. Rauch to Orf, Inc.

    Timothy Hynd to Virginia and Roland Aldridge.

    Wade Frecker Ambrose and Tara Ocean Ambrose to Barbara J. Gage and Andrew S. Laughland.

    Jeffrey L. and Brendan M. Burgess to Heather Ross Engstrom and Kyle E. Engstrom.

    Bangor Savings Bank to Bangor Savings Bank.

    Bangor Savings Bank to Piper Stream LLC.

    Piper Stream LLC to Shirley and Craig P. Hamlin.

    Rockland Savings Bank FSB to Scott L. Packard.

    Stephen B. and Traci J. Kirkpatrick and Traci J. Mailloux to Julia Daley.

    Helen M. Gorman Trust Agreement to Arthur L. Viera.

    Peter L. Jaques to Highlander Laundry Center LLC.

    Genevieve R. Ferguson to Sally Jaskold.


    Harland R. Priestley to Kurt R. Priestley.

    Jerry Howard Jr. to Ben Clark.


    Virginia Fjermestad, Edward R. Harback and Joan Danner to Katherine Freund.

    Mary D. and Richard W. Kivel to Jean Robbie-Shea and Arthur Shea.

    Richard and Tina M. Lisa to Lucille M. Heft.


    Arthur McConkie Jr. EST to Linda Stacey.

    Walter Moody, Marion Houston and Marion Vaughn to Marion Peaslee.

    James C. and Lisa M. Jackson to Sharon LeClair.

    Robert J. and Kenneth P. Perry to Jamie C. Cook.


    Charlotte P. Bridges EST to James A. and Karen R. Lane.

    Larry F. Seekins to Larry F. Seekins, Christopher A. Moody and Tammy Seekins Hall.

    F. Carter Taylor and Frank Carter Taylor to Mary Ann Taylor.


    Luhn / Powers-Luhh Family Trust to David, Cheryl, Rebecca C. and Matthew D. Stauffer.

    Peter Dillard to Carl Dudley Dillard.


    Robert D. Eldridge to Robert D. Eldridge Living Trust.

    Joline S. and Warren S. Doersam to Gary J. Tilton.


    Town of Knox to David Oxton.

    Birchwood Group LLC to Ashwood LLC.


    Edna Mae Wadsworth, Beverly A. Tyler, Donald F., Dennis E. and Steven D. Lucas to Jane L. and Steven K. French.

    Steven A. Haver and Steve Haver to Lisa Flores Fagin.

    Diane and Elizabeth Moruzzi to Alexandra and AndrewTobin.

    Kenneth D. and Ronda L. Southworth ro Susan E.S. an Burnard A. Fickett.


    Rebecca Richman Cohen Descendant Trust to Camden Hills House LLC.

    Robin D. Feener and Robin D. Ramsey to Michael A. Feener.

    Michael A. Feener to John Beckwith Madden Gioia.

    Jeffrey J. and Mary W. Dutch to Alfred J. Dutch II.


    Cheryl English, Briand, Bruce and Edith Tolman to Deborah M. and Nathan G. Peaslee.

    Gary, Virginia and Ginger Schoales to Duane S. and Dawne A. Southworth.


    Saco Valley Credit Union to Drew E. Martens.

    Northport Village Corporation to Karen A. Hoikala.

    Peter A. Couture Sr., Peter A., Patricia and Patricia A. Couture to Couture Living Trust.

    Judy B. Johnson to Judy Brewer Johnson Living Trust.

    Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust to Lina and Robert W. Gruca.

    David Fait to Dale A. and Cheryl L. Johnson.

    John and Dorothy Jamieson to John E. Jamieson Living Trust.

    Maurice J. Trundy to Maurice J. Trundy and Jon Dehler.

    Maurice J. Trundy, Jeannie and John Dehler to Maurice J. Trundy and Jon Dehler.

    U.S. Bank National Association TR and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-FF12 to Tyler Vickers.

    Edith M. and Andrew P. Damico to Colleen M. and Carl L. Oberg.


    Lisa A. Faires to Michele J.L. Grant and Joseph C. Grant Jr.

    Leonard J. Howell to Leonard J. Howell Revocable Living Trust.

    Helen M. Glidden Supplemental Needs Trust to Carroll H. Glidden.

    Helen M. Glidden Supplemental Needs Trust to Holly D. Kaloustian.

    Helen M. Glidden Supplemental Needs Trust to Elden L. Glidden.

    Helen M. Glidden Supplemental Needs Trust to Joshua and Amanda Saban.

    Helen M. Glidden Supplemental Needs Trust to Elden L. Glidden.

    Janet F. Potter to Michael E. and Sheila L. McCarty.


    Deborah Pelham to David D. Rogers.

    Howard M. and Jewell Hurd to Paul A. and Lynn E. Foy.

    Charles K. and Elizabeth A. Thompson to Jason Fletcher.

    Wayne C. Hamilton to Broughman Builders Inc.

    Esther K. Fowler EST to William J. Wenz.

    Janet E. and Jerry L. Moffett to Kimberly and Jonathan Grindle.

    Melanie Hughes to Esther K. Fowler EST.

    Esther K. Fowler EST to Melanie Hughes.

    Susan Mickalowski to Deborah Rae Watzka Living Trust.

    Stockton Springs

    Janie C. York to Frances A. Doonan and David L. Mussey..

    Marilyn E. Mackay to Michael S. Skolines and Evi A. Spindler.

    Thomas J. Owens to Thomas J. Owens III.

    Joanne A. Anderson to Quamphegan Realty Corporation.

    William H. Anderson to Quamphegan Realty Corporation.

    George Chester Dyment Living Trust and George Chester Dyment Administrative Trust to Glenn C. Dyment.


    Beulah Colby to Robert J., Benjamin, and Lori J. Pearson.

    Beulah, Norman and Shannon Colby to Benjamin, Lori J. and Robert J. Pearson.


    Ronald E. Jackson EST to Brandie Jo Miville.


    Stephen A. Fernald and Stephen A. Fernald Living Trust to Brian A. and Nancy J. Shibles.

    Mechanics Savings Bank to David B. and Glenice E. Richardson.


    Barry A. and Vera E. McCormick to Cedarwood LLC.

    Judith A. Matula to Tammy E. Colbert.

    Mary A. Oaks to Benjamin L. and Linda M. Henderson.

    DAE Investment Properties LLC to Three Hundred SixtyThree Main St. LLC and 363 Main St. LLC.


    Kurt Steiner to Sadie Lloyd.


    Tracey Leamer to Abel James Vernon Leamer.

    Town of Winterport to Karen Sprague.

    Deborah B. Peet to Donna L. Sokoloski.

    Jennifer A. Bowman-McKay to Jeremiah Jonathan Schaeffer and Sarah Hunnewell Schaeffer.

    Judith V. Kirk to Judith V. Kirk and George W. Jordan Jr.

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