Vote YES on Question 3 and NO on Question 4 on the Thomaston Town Meeting ballot

Thu, 06/02/2022 - 8:15pm

The ballot questions about Thomaston Green have confused many and created doubt in the minds of some. Be assured that the “Green” is NOT in danger of being developed and lost to public enjoyment.  The open space to the south of the entry road into the former State Prison site will be preserved and never developed.  In addition, the access to that site will forever offer a tree-lined gateway into the property, connecting to Route 1.  Thomaston has many parks and open spaces protected from development.  

When the Thomaston Green was acquired from the State of Maine, the promise was made that the site would be thoughtfully developed. This goal assured an abundance of open green space and also allowed for thoughtful, architecturally appropriate development that reflected our history, was a community benefit, and that was approved by our town.  That plan, repeatedly reaffirmed by townspeople over the years with discussions, investments and the patience to find development that would be an enhancement to the community, is still in place.  It was a promise to the townspeople and it is a promise worth keeping.  

To lock away that site now as Question 4 would do and close the door on possible community benefits in the use of a portion of that site would be costly to the town and would fail voters who believed promises made previously. 

The chance to usefully allow the development of a portion is already present with the possible location of a Community Health Center siting there.  That is the sort of option that we want to be able to access. 

It is why voting YES on Question 3 and NO on Question 4 is so important.  Please join me in keeping our options open while securing the current Gazebo and riverfront park area forever. Vote YES on 3!

Chris Rector lives in Thomaston