Letter to the editor: Christine Burstein

Vote for Janet Mills

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 6:45pm

It is so important to our state that we bring ourselves out of the quagmire that Paul LePaige has created. As a State Representative I have seen Janet fight for the mentally ill, the expansion of Medicaid and the distribution of Narcan to First Responders.

Janet works tirelessly for us.  She has done so for her whole life.  Over 30 years ago, she helped co-found a non-partisan organization that focuses on women and children in the State of Maine. She cares about Medicaid Expansion and healthcare for all. She cares about renewable energy, jobs and our work force.

Janet is independent, educated, thoughtful, brave, and caring.  She is from the 2nd District and really knows our state. She will work tirelessly for us and for you.   

Your vote is important.  Don’t throw it away.  Vote for a candidate that can win!

Christine Burstein lives in Lincolnville