Letter to the editor: Becca Shaw Glaser

Vote for Benjamin Dorr, Rockland City Council; Natasha Irving for District Attorney

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 10:00pm
I endorse Benjamin Dorr for Rockland City Council.
Ben, along with his partner, Emily Seymour, and their store, Curator, were among the first to proudly display the red poster friends and I distributed locally which demonstrated support for all groups: "Muslim, Immigrant, LGBTQI, Disabled, Refugee and All Neighbors Welcome Here!"
They also were among the first businesses in Rockland to support Rockland's Diversity Resolution, standing up for human rights and dignity for all, a welcoming community, and the environment. And they quickly signed on to support a paper bag fee attached to Rockland's ordinance regulating plastic bags and styrofoam (unfortunately, the paper bag fee, which makes the ordinance the most environmentally sound version, has yet to pass!). 
As with all people in political office, I'm sure I won't agree with Ben on everything when he is on council, but I can count on him to make responsible, values-based decisions, and to listen to and consider the opinions of everyone. I also appreciate that he is interested in big picture, long-term ideas for Rockland, including preparing for rising, warming seas, the effect on our fishing industries, economy and the harbor overall, along with issues relating to roads, taxes, jobs, sidewalks, and affordable housing. He has my vote!
I also highly recommend a vote for Natasha Irving for District Attorney. It's exciting to have an excellent, principled candidate who is running for such an incredibly important role in how our communities respond to addiction, mental health issues, punishment, poverty, etc. It's heartening that we could elect someone who is invested in evidence-based, restorative justice practices--these will be better for all of us in the long run.
Please vote now at your town office/city hall, or on Tuesday, November 6. It's great that in Maine we can register to vote, and vote, up to and even on voting day!
Becca Shaw Glaser lives in Rockland