Letter to the editor: Christian Wincklhofer

Vicki Doudera will be a hardworking, positive liaison between people and policies

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 7:45pm

I wanted to write in support of Vicki Doudera for state representative for Camden, Rockport and Islesboro.

Vicki is a conduit of energy on many issues pressing our beautiful state; from protecting Maine's environmental legacy to creating new jobs and bettering educational opportunities for all Mainers. As a young person calling this state home I am particularly drawn to Vicki's platform because of her respect for issues prevalent to my generation such as student loans, affordable rent, and good paying jobs.

It's not simply her recognition of these issues, but moreover her ardent drive towards enacting policies to alleviate those same burdens while implementing positive steps towards a more prosperous and age-balanced future for Maine.

I have spoken with Vicki innumerable times on myriad topics regarding our wonderful state and it is evident to me that she will be a hardworking and positive liaison between the people and the policies of Maine. Please join me in voting for Vicki Doudera for state representative November 6.

Christian Wincklhofer lives in Camden