Letter to the editor: Donna and Philip Seymour

Vicki Doudera For The State House

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 9:00pm

Vicki Doudera is informed, engaged and dedicated, just what we need in the State House. We retired to Islesboro in 2003 after reading Vicki’s book, Moving To Maine, a comprehensive guide packed with the knowledge of what to be prepared for when moving to a state, or an island even, that has it’s peculiarities to prepare for. The love of this state that Vicki wrote about sold us. Little did we know that the author of that book would become a good friend.

At a recent candidate forum on Islesboro that Vicki attended, Vicki answered questions and welcomed the conversation about the issues here on the island, on the mainland and around the state. We remembered that it was this familiar knowledge that had brought us to Maine. Clearly, Vicki has been a guiding light, full of the answers and solutions when others haven’t been able to see where to proceed.

From our friendship, we have learned of, and have been impressed by the sense of community that comes naturally to Vicki. She attended in ambulances as a first responder with the Camden First Aid Association, has been a board member with the Midcoast Habitat for Humanity, ran one of the most loved bed and breakfasts, and of course, continues her work as a realtor. Vicki has given so much and has been a part of our neighborhoods for so long. Given her proven work ethic, civic and humanitarian experiences, we invite you to join us in voting for Vicki Doudera for State Representative. 

  Donna and Philip Seymour live on Islesboro