Letter to the editor, David G. Johnson

Vicki Doudera has energy, passion, thoughtfulness

Tue, 10/09/2018 - 8:45pm

I rarely get directly involved with campaigns, letter writing, etc., but the current campaign for State Representative includes a candidate that I’ve had direct personal experience with.

I have known Vicki Doudera for several years and have been very impressed with her work during our time together on the Board of Directors for Mid Coast Habitat for Humanity. With Vicki’s strong team building efforts MHfH has grown from a small group with good intentions to an organized, well coordinated team that builds multiple new and renovated homes for habitat families each year. MHfH also added the ReStore at their Rockport headquarters which takes material donations and turns them into funds to help build houses. A home weatherization program was also started, helping homeowners make their existing houses more efficient, affordable, and comfortable. With a contagious energy, Vicki helped to create the structure within that organization that encouraged all others to do more, to think outside the box, and to strive toward the greater goal of creating more homes for worthy families.

Vicki is passionate about her causes, notably affordable housing, but she’s open minded and patient to consider all thoughts and ideas. She starts from a non-biased standpoint and weighs all points, something that I think is absent from so many elected offices. I know that she will bring this high level of care and consideration to all tasks put in front of her and that she will be our strongest advocate in Augusta. This energy, passion and thoughtfulness are why I strongly encourage all to vote for Vicki Doudera for the State House of Representatives on Election Day, this November 6.

David G. Johnson lives in Camden