Thomaston Police Department seeks input on new patch design

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 8:30am

THOMASTON — A police department’s patch is a kin to a family’s coat of arms. It should reflect the values of the department, and the community that it serves. 

The rebirth of the Thomaston Police Department calls for an insignia that reflects the department and community, an announcement seeking input for the patch design stated. 

The Thomaston Police Department is inviting all members of the community to have input into its coat of arms. 

The announcement encourages ample creativity and bright colors. 

Templates for traditional shapes can be obtained at the police department during business hours. See the attached flyer for examples of other department’s creations, though the announcement notes the samples are only samples and entrants should not feel limited by the examples. 

Chief of Police Tim Hoppe will select from the submissions a group of finalists with the finalists’ designs being presented to the community for a vote through a Facebook poll.

The announcement notes the department may combine design elements to create final patch choices and the decision is subject to Chief Hoppe’s approval. 

Submission deadline is July 24.

Submissions are to be submitted to the Thomaston Police Department located at 178 Main Street.