Letter to the editor

Tannery proposal will provide so much to the town

Sun, 06/12/2022 - 9:30pm
The disposition of Tannery Park has gone back and forth for many years.  
Some people want us to vote No on Articles 15 and 16 in order to save the Farmers’ Market, preserve the trees along Washington Street, and keep the green space for social and recreational activities.
Yes, that’s how Tannery Park is used today.  But it also has ugly paved and dirt surfaces, weedy areas, and has for quite some time been used to store materials and equipment for various town projects.  Let’s be honest - as it is now, the majority of the space is neither attractive nor inviting.
The people of Camden have already voted (2014) on what we want to do with this property.  It is to be developed for (light) commercial and business use.  Since then, the vision has evolved to also make it an aesthetically pleasing place. 
I hope that before you vote, you will at least read Michael Mullins letter in Saturday’s Pilot, and look at what the Cranesport proposal offers (camdentannerypark.com).  It will preserve the trees along Washington Street; improve the River Walk; keep outdoor space for the Farmers’ Market; include a green public square for public use and community events; provide a 4,800 sq ft ’Big Barn’ for indoor Farmers’ Market and events use; build 19 workshops to support community development; include public restrooms; and provide off-street parking. 
Almost 30% of the area will be green space.
No proposal is going to satisfy everybody, but I don’t know how you can ask for much more than this one offers.  It will provide so much to the town, and do it in an almost park-like setting.
Please vote Yes on Articles 15 and 16.
Stephen Burleson lives in Camden