Support Jordan Barnett-Parker for Lincolnville Select Board

Thu, 06/02/2022 - 7:45pm

Back in December of 2020, I supported Jordan Barnett-Parker running for the Lincolnville Select Board as I thought that we needed new people to be on this board.

One of the things central to Jordan’s service to the town is that he has an open door when it comes to listening to the needs and concerns of the people of this town. He was instrumental in obtaining life and injury insurance for our volunteer fire department, pushing for the publishing of the select board information packet to the town website for all to access and bringing forth dozens of citizen led issues including parking at the beach, noise ordinances and safety issues.

Jordan ran on the promise that he would establish the comprehensive plan committee. (On June 28 that committee will have a Community Heart and Soul gather at LCS).

He was instrumental in re-establishing the broadband committee two times in order to not let it disappear.

He listened to the concerns of many town committee members in their desire for our town to adopt a remote/ hybrid meeting policy. He took their health and mobility issues seriously during these times of COVID. He was instrumental in having this policy finally passed. Now both the Select Board and several committees have remote/hybrid meetings which allows both in person and remote participation.

Jordan put forth the idea of term limits (3) 3 year terms and a one-year break in order for new blood to be introduced and involving a more diverse section of residents to participate.

He wants the town to have a more forward thinking spending/fiscal plan that includes putting money away for future projects rather than incurring debt and increases in property taxes

Please once again elect Jordan Barnett-Parker to our Lincolnville Select Board. We need him to continue his great service to our town.

Arlene Jurewicz-Leighton lives in Lincolnville