letter to the editor

Support fair treatment for Skyhook LLC operations at Rockport Harbor

Fri, 05/05/2023 - 8:00pm
I'm writing in support of fair treatment for Skyhook LLC operations in Rockport Harbor. They have been extremely considerate of the factors involved to be good stewards of the Harbor facilities and the marine industries so vital to our town.
I've been aware of ongoing challenges for businesses in the harbor in my 34 years as a resident, six as a member of the Rockport Harbor Committee.
Presently, the question of a fair lease agreement between Skyhook and the town is an upcoming topic. I've heard of a sudden, illogical and staggering figure for a  seasonal lease. This is purported to be on the magnitude of a 700% increase over the existing year.
If that is incorrect, I  apologize.  If that is remotely correct, there's need for serious discussion on the towns vision for the harbor and area small businesses.
I could go on but hopefully the Select Board, Harbor Committee and Town Manager are aware of what Skyhook gets over the limited time and space they occupy compared to other businesses presently utilizing our Harbor. 
George Haselton  lives in Rockport