June Elections: On the Warrant

Stockton Springs to vote on five ordinance amendments, one new ordinance

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 8:30am

STOCKTON SPRINGS — Voters of Stockton Springs will be tasked with voting on five proposed ordinance amendments this summer and one newly proposed ordinance. 

This summer, proposed amendments include land use, subdivision, coastal waters and harbors, addressing, and application, license, permit and other fees ordinances. 

The town is also proposing a new ordinance governing local food sovereignty.  

Elections will be held Tuesday, June 11 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Local Food Sovereignty Ordinance 

This proposed ordinance would be a new ordinance if it is approved by voters. 

The purpose statement of the ordinance outlines five positions the Town would support with passage: 

• Local control: Through local control, preserve the ability of communities like ours to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume locally produced foods.

• Small-scale farming and food production: Ensure the preservation of family farms and traditional foodways through small-scale farming and food production. 

• Improved health and well-being: Improve the health and well-being of citizens of this State by reducing hunger and increasing food security through improved access to wholesome, nutritious foods by supporting family farms and encouraging sustainable farming and fishing.

• Self-reliance and personal responsibility: Promote self-reliance and personal responsibility by ensuring the ability of individuals, families and other entities to prepare, process, advertise and sell foods directly to customers intended solely for consumption by the customers or their families

Rural economic development: Enhance rural economic development and the environmental and social wealth of rural communities such as ours.

The ordinance outlines license and inspection exemptions for producers and processors of food or food products in Stockton Springs, noting the aforementioned shall be exempt from state food law when the food or food products are sold through direct producer-to-consumer transactions. 

The ordinance’s authority would come via the Maine Food Sovereignty Act, 7 M.R.S. § 281 et. seq.

Land Use Ordinance

The primary aspect of the proposed amendment to the ordinance occurs in Section 15.29 Temporary Sales of Food or Merchandise. 

The amendment proposal outlines limitations to be imposed on the temporary sale of food or merchandise, the conditions those sales must meet and the permit process. 

Additionally, a definition is provided for itinerant commercial vendor to appear under the 16.1 Appeals to the Zoning Board of Appeals section: “A mobile or movable vehicle, cart, or stand for the purpose of temporary sales of food or merchandise, commonly referred to as a food truck.” 

Full details of this proposed ordinance amendment can be viewed on pages 76-78 here

Subdivision Ordinance

Under this proposed amendment, a street would be defined as: “A street means Public Way, as defined in M.R.S.A. Title 29-A, State of Maine Motor Vehicle Law, Section 101 Definitions.” 

The proposed amendment makes a few clarifications on procedures and eliminates the fee schedule. 

Full details of this proposed ordinance amendment can be viewed on pages 82-92 here

Coastal Waters and Harbor Ordinance

Much of the proposed amendment includes cosmetic changes, though new information would be added about dinghy locations and its materials, in addition to specific storage locations. 

The proposed amendment also details procedures for vessels sinking or separating from its mooring and debris removal. 

Full details of this proposed ordinance amendment can be viewed on pages 94-98 here

Addressing Ordinance

The proposed amendment deletes a portion of text relating to the enforcement of penalties for violations. 

Full details of this proposed ordinance amendment can be viewed on pages 100-101 here

Application, License, Permit and Other Fees Ordinance 

The proposed amendment significantly updates the ordinance’s table of contents section and the schedule of fees section. 

Full details of this proposed ordinance amendment can be viewed on pages 103-114 here

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