Maine Ornaments, Nautical Napkin Rings and Fingerless Wool Gloves

Shop Local: Three unique handmade Maine goods

Three gifts $10-$25
Fri, 12/08/2017 - 8:45pm

    For the month of December, we continue our series to shine the spotlight on local craftspeople who make things by hand. It’s important to shop local and to support the innovators and entrepreneurs who keep the creative economy alive in the Midcoast. So each week, until Dec. 25, we will bring you this series until you can’t take it anymore. Ready. Set. Go.

    Mainely Naturals, Belfast

    “Bambi” White Tailed Deer Ornament

    The back story:

    Kris Chapman grew up just outside of Boston and moved to Belfast 18 years ago. She lives here with her husband and two kid, works in the kitchen at the Edna Drinkwater School in Northport and runs her Etsy store.

    ”I love creating gifts using local photos and ingredients found in nature,” she said. 

    Where to find it/price range:

    $10 online or locally at the Country Blessings shop in Belfast.

    In her words: “The photo in this ornament was captured on the East side of Belfast. So sweet, the baby whitetail deer fawn ornament makes the perfect nature lover gift.”


    Olio Designs, Belfast

    Nautical Napkin Rings

    The back story:

    Meg Reilly is nspired by color and texture—anything from a beautiful piece of fabric or a great piece of paper to the unique shades found in the summer forest or on an ocean beach.

    “I am proud to have been featured at as one of Martha Stewart Wedding's Favorite Etsy Crafters and included in the 2010 summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings article ‘In Love With Etsy’,” she said.

    Where to find it/price range:$12 Onlineor in Belfast at her store The Sail Locker.

    In her words: “My nautical designs are inspired by summers sailing with my family growing up on MDI. Each piece is tied by hand using traditional maritime techniques.”


    Jessica Schnell Knite, Monhegan/Rockland

    Hand knit black and white wool fingerless gloves

    The back story:

    Jessica Schnell Knite has been knitting, crocheting, and beading since she was eight years old.

    “I lived on Monhegan Island for almost a decade before graduating from the University of New England and moving to Rockland,” she said. “Monhegan Island is a very small community, including approximately 50-60 year-round residents, most of whom are involved in lobstering. Much of my inspiration comes from the colors, seasons, and people on Monhegan as it is both a beautiful and vibrant place in terms of scenery and companionship. It is also a very spiritual place that I am deeply connected.”

    Where to find it/price range: $25 Online

    In her words: “The white and black variation in these gloves is reminiscent of the ocean spray coating the island’s rocky coast in the winter and I chose wool because it’s a warm, sturdy fiber for what can be very bitter cold island weather throughout the season. I made the gloves fingerless, or wristlets as they’re often called, because there’s no better way to keep your hands warm and still retain the dexterity needed to do everyday tasks around the shop, fish house, and home.”

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