Letter to the editor: Ames Curtis

Rockport: Vote no on Questions 2 and 3 (library proposal)

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 8:30pm

Do we want to invest in a new library on land that is inaccessible to the majority of residents?  One that will not meet space needs for larger programs?  One  that adds to traffic congestion and serious parking issues?  One  that cannot be sufficiently expanded over decades, forcing residents to face this contentious issue again?

Do we want to lose green space in Memorial Park in exchange for asphalt and dangerous angled parking that could result in liability issues for the town?

Do we want to incur costs for road rerouting, library furnishings and unforeseen construction issues to primarily  benefit those who live or own businesses nearby?  Can the average resident even afford another tax increase at this time?

Our democratic system is under siege because of wide economic and power gaps in society, and we must protect Rockport from a similar process. Most value a library in our community but we want one that is safe, cost-effective and accessible to all our town neighborhoods. The proposed location for a new library was unilaterally determined by the Select Board, and now it is rumored they will not fund a library at all if Questions 2 & 3 do not pass. This is a mean-spirited intimidation  tactic  so please do not bend to such pressure nor to all the propaganda around town and in your mailboxes.   VOTE NO!

Ames Curtis, MD, lives in West Rockport