Two executive sessions at July 22 meeting

Rockport to consider Opera House AC repair; how to fund West Rockport fire station rebuild

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 2:00pm

ROCKPORT — With a focus on the proposed overhaul and rebuild of the West Rockport fire station, a new sewer line along Route 1, and a new compressor at the Rockport Opera House, the town’s select board will convene Monday, July 22, at 5 p.m. Interspersed in the meeting will be two closed-door sessions, both of them to do with contracts.

The board members will meet in the Geoffrey C. Parker Room and their business will be live-streamed at / 

The room, however, may not be so cool given that the air conditioning unit has failed to function. Plumber David Leighton examined it, and according to the board’s meeting memo, the cost to repair the system is estimated to be $3,000-$3,500, with no guarantee on the length of time it will continue to work.

The refrigerant is outdated, and parts will not be available after January 1, 2020, according to the memo.

“The system is 18 years old and has many hours on it,” the memo said. “The new system has a new more friendly ozone refrigerant.”

The board can invest in a whole new $6,000 system, to be funded through the  Opera House Building Reserve Account, according to the memo.

The Select Board will also discuss July 22 whether to fund the improvements to the West Rockport Fire Station through a general capital improvement $1.5 million bond that the board is considering whether to put before voters in November.

The “Staff and the Board chair will report on the status of issues that will impact and potentially accelerate consideration of this issue,” the memo said.