12 have tested positive

Rockland Woodlands Memory Care facility manager issues statement about COVID-19 affecting residents, staff

Tue, 10/27/2020 - 6:15pm

    ROCKLAND – Following an announcement Tuesday afternoon from the Maine CDC about an outbreak of COVID-19 positive cases at Woodlands Memory Care of Rockland, Managing Member Matthew Walters has issued the following statement:

    “It is with the utmost concern for our residents and staff that we share that Woodlands Memory Care of Rockland is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19. With this outbreak, we are faced with the unfortunate reality that so many other businesses, congregate living facilities, and communities in Maine have faced this year. Knowing that we have followed all protocols to the best of our ability, and tried to go above and beyond those protocols for the safety of the residents we serve as well as our staff only proves what we already know: COVID-19 can quickly and quietly spread even when you are trying your best to remain vigilant.

    “What we know right now is that eight residents and two staff members have tested positive as of this afternoon, October 27, 2020. We have learned from other experiences in congregate living situations that the number of positive cases will likely increase amongst our 32 residents and more than 20 staff members.

    “We have a plan in place to deal with this situation, and it is being implemented immediately while working with a dedicated team at the Maine CDC. The health and safety of our residents continues to be our top priority.

    “Woodlands Memory Care of Rockland conducted universal testing last Thursday of all residents and staff. Results on Saturday, Oct. 24 showed that one staff member had tested positive. That same afternoon, a resident was admitted to Pen Bay Medical Center for an unrelated issue. As part of that intake process the hospital found that the resident also tested positive, despite coming back with a negative test result from the universal testing.

    Upon learning of the positive tests, Woodlands Memory Care of Rockland immediately ordered a second round of universal testing, which was conducted on Sunday, Oct. 25. Also on Sunday, another resident was admitted to Pen Bay Medical Center for another unrelated issue, and that resident also tested positive as part of the hospital’s intake process.

    “Today, Tuesday, we received full results from Sunday’s tests and have confirmed an additional six COVID-19 positive residents, and one additional COVID-19 positive staff member. That brings the total positive tests to eight residents and two staff members.”

    “Woodlands Memory Care of Rockland has been following all of the guidance from Maine CDC since March. As soon as we were informed that one of our staff members tested positive, we immediately arranged for universal testing of both staff and residents. We previously had no reason to believe there were any COVID-positive cases in this community.

    “We know that some residents and staff are showing symptoms, although that changes daily. We are following our own protocols to alert designated family members or emergency contacts for all residents as quickly as possible as we learn more information.

    “It is staggering how quickly and quietly COVID-19 moves, and its ability to impact people and communities that are taking every possible step to prevent it.”