Rockland man accused of two break-ins at Camden restaurant

Posted:  Friday, November 10, 2017 - 11:00am

ROCKLAND — A Rockland man was arrested by Camden Police on Nov. 3 for allegedly breaking into a restaurant twice where he had been employed, and stealing cash.

Donald Seavey, 38, of Rockland, was charged with three counts of felony theft and two counts of burglary.

Seavey appeared in Knox County Unified Court Nov. 6 before Judge Susan Sparaco. His bail was set at $700 cash. He remains at the Knox County Jail in Rockland as of November 10.

According to the affidavit filed in court by Camden Police, they were notified by the owner of the Horsefeather Grill Nov. 3, and who reported the suspected break-ins and theft of money.

The owner told police that he caught Seavey coming out of his office Oct. 30 and $160 in cash was missing from the money bag that was in the office, according to the affidavit. He told the owner that he was in the office to check the work schedule.

Seavey had been fired from the restaurant on Oct. 30.

Another incident occurred on Oct. 31, when the owner noticed an open window when he arrived to work and found $195 in cash missing from the money bag.

The owner then downloaded a program on his computer that would capture images of a person entering through a window. On Nov. 3, the owner checked his computer and saw images of Seavey allegedly entering through the window and allegedly taking cash from the money bag.

When asked by police, Seavey denied the burglaries and stealing the money even after police told him about the video. Police then arrested Seavey and transported him to the Knox County Jail.

Seavey will appear in court again on Dec. 14. His court appointed attorney is Naomi Cohen, of West Rockport.

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