Letter to the editor: Peter Wilkinson and Maryjean Crowe

Ridgely Fuller belongs on Belfast City Council

Sat, 11/02/2019 - 11:15pm

We are happy to be supporting Ridgely Fuller in her quest to serve the City of Belfast as a city councillor, representing ward 3, for several reasons.  

First, Ridgely has genuine concern for the well being of our city and everyone in it.  As a lifelong social worker, teacher and activist, she has been dedicated to identifying the needs and concerns of our community, and worked passionately to find appropriate, meaningful solutions in a friendly and reasonable manner.

Second, Ridgely has a firm and thorough understanding of Belfast's current political, social, environmental and economic scenes, and a strong desire to improve trust, civility and dialogue between our citizens and local government.  As a city councillor, she will bring valuable experience and considerable organizational and communication skills to the job.  She is friendly and approachable at all times.

Third, Ridgely has the time and energy needed to adequately study and address important issues, plus be available to her constituents on a daily basis.

Anyone who has ever been in Ridgely's company knows that she will add a wholesome, refreshing perspective to every council conversation.  No matter what the topic, she strives to listen, learn, discuss and consider all views before making important decisions.  A true "people person", she is at ease with all types, even those who offer different views.  In a group, Ridgely facilitates inclusive participation and champions compromise in a lively, positive way.

For a long time Ridgely Fuller has been working behind the scenes to improve the quality of life for everyone in Belfast;  election to the city council will enable her to continue her service to our fine city at an even higher level.  Please join us in voting for Ridgely Fuller on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.  Thank you!

Peter Wilkinson and Maryjean Crowe live in Belfast