Letter to the editor: Gary Stimeling

Return Paige to Augusta

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 1:30pm

I’m writing in support of the reelection campaign of State Representative Stanley Paige Zeigler. Unfortunately, I can’t vote for him myself, because I don’t live in his district, the 96th. However, I’m proud to have been a friend of his for two decades, and I’d trust him with my life. More to the point, I trust him to work selflessly with other legislators for the benefit of all Mainers, just as he has in his first term.

Paige stands for affordable health care for all, beginning with the expansion of Medicaid benefits that was voted by the legislature. He believes that medical care should be considered a basic human right, not a privilege of wealth. Paige stands for compassionate, intelligent solutions to the problem of opiate addiction, beginning with improved treatment options and regulations against overprescription for profit. Paige has worked and will continue to work for statewide access to broadband Internet service as an essential support for the prosperity of all, entrepreneurs and small businesses in particular. Paige argues that Maine can become a leader in moving toward the renewable-energy economy that is our only hope for avoiding the worst disasters of global warming.

One representative can’t do it alone, of course, but the more people like Paige we can put in the legislature, the sooner we can move beyond the politics of discord toward a sustainable future for all. If you live in District 96, please vote for him.

Gary Stimeling lives in Freedom