Protect Maine’s Fishing Heritage Foundation highlighted in edition of new podcast

Fri, 02/19/2021 - 3:30pm

The first edition of a new podcast, North by Northeast, focuses on Protect Maine’s Fishing Heritage Foundation (PMFHF), with host Crystal Canney, who is also the foundation’s executive director.

In the podcast, launched by Knight Canney Group, Canney talks with Maine's former aquaculture program director, Jon Lewis, who is now a consultant to Protect Maine about the changing dynamic along Maine’s coast. 

“PMFHF has been working for two years to have a bigger conversation around the rules and regulations involving how in water aquaculture leases are approved,” said Canney, in a news release.

This legislative session, PMFHF will support a bill that:

Reduces the size of the in-water acreage leased for aquaculture, currently, a business, individual or corporation can hold up to a total of 1,000 acres of the ocean.
Reduces the length the lease can be held (Currently in water aquaculture leases can held for 20 years)
Ensure leases cannot be transferred without public input (Unlike lobster licenses that revert back to the state, leases can be transferred without public input)

In addition, the legislation will call for statewide planning for Maine’s coastline, according to Canney.

“The conflicts growing along Maine’s coast,” said Jon Lewis, subject matter expert in the podcast. “We have an opportunity to get aquaculture right without hurting the lobstering industry, the environment and with input from all the interested parties along Maine’s coast.”

To listen to the podcast visit:

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