Prefer LePage any day, all day over Mills

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 8:00pm

I learned a few things the other day that others may find interesting.

There are two main reasons that former Governor Paul LePage is running for office again.  

Number one, the sign.  Paul LePage was extremely proud of the sign that said “Open for Business” located along the highway near the southern border.  It represented his business and jobs-friendly approach and desire for Maine people to have opportunities for success.  He was mighty  disappointed to have it taken down by Mills.  

I mean what’s wrong with having a sign like that?  

Maybe the sign company Mills’ brother owns needed some business.

The second reason is the pictures.  When LePage was in office he made changed EBT cards (electronic benefit cards) to include photos.  He did this to make it harder to cheat.

There were too many EBT cards being found at drug busts where they were being used as currency.  

Obviously we want to help people who really need it , not support bad habits. When Mills eliminated the photos, opening up the opportunity for fraud again, this infuriated him.  

It is obvious to anyone paying attention that LePage really cares about this state.  

Janet Mills was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and LePage fought for everything he has.  

Being the only one of 18 kids raised by an alcoholic abusive father to graduate eighth grade, let alone earn a master’s degree , I would prefer LePage any day, all day over Mills and plan to vote for him again in November.

Joe Bodnar lives in St. George